How to Use Python To Analyze Data using basic codes and advanced diagrams

Python basics
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Python nowadays as we know is a hot topic due to the rise of fields of AI, Data Sciences, Machine learning etc. As its used with all of them due to being a lightweight language and automating most of the tedious tasks with the use of its advanced libraries.

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Python is the most popular language for data analytics along with R and Scala. As it primarily relies on stored codes called ‘libraries’ within its database and thus automates most of the manual work for any coder looking to do a lengthy project in a shorter period of time.

Thus l have saved most of the codes to do basic data analysis and advanced visualization of any tabular form data on an excel file or csv. just make sure to adjust the ‘’ code for that as in order to run an excel file you write pd.read_excel(r’filepath/filename.xlsx’) and for csv it is pd.read_excel(r’filepath/filename.xlsx’). You may Download the code and use it on Jupyter Lab or any IDE you have installed and use it for your needs or experiment with it as you like.

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