Best platforms for both?

Python Codes to Analyze facial data with Skimage

HRM Numerical data

What predictions can be made from the limited Numerical data of Human Resource Management?

How are AI and BI used together?

AI Data Collection?

  • The first and foremost reason for that is the difference in Market Anthropology, As SATE companies have lines of generations of keeping in touch with the same vendors, suppliers and the trust ecosystem amongst them.
  • While for multinationals the same economic ecosystem is filled with uncertainties and non-transparecy transactions and they are not in a position to negotiate on low rates which SATE companies thrive…

Data Science Process -> AI Development process-> Client Needs Met

Nowadays People Are often Debating which field has more importance as AI and Data Science are both trending words used nowadays in High Schools, Universities and work places.

I shall tell you the major differences in each field and what kind of career path you may pursue or switch to from within them.

Online Learning

Muhammad Ammar Jamshed

Data Specialist at Unilever Pakistan Ltd — Data Sciences | Business Intelligence | Social Sciences | Machine Learning | Coding | Lifestyle

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